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Exposing Robby Blanchard and Commission Hero

This non-profit website criticizes a $997 course about using Facebook to advertise other people's products in order to get commissions. Robby suggests buyers can make $1000 a day using his course. If buyers try the course and are unsatisfied with the results they are ineligible for a refund because accessing the training materials voids the guarantee.
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I'm not going to do a $300 deal!

Beware of sites that recommend Commission Hero (even if they initially sound critical). Each time they refer someone to the program they make at least $300. To make the commission they need to have their affiliate code in the web address like this:

Details of the money referrers can make:

Selling Commission Hero
Here was Google's questionable "Featured Snippet" when I searched for commission hero scam. The snippet begins by saying "Commission Hero can't be considered a scam" though that site seems like a biassed source since they make $300+ each time they refer a person to the course.

Google Featured Snippet

Could it be a scam?

If I do a search on Google for commission hero scam, the Google featured snippet says that Commission Hero "can't be considered a scam" (in bold) - even though that site is making $300+ commission with every sign-up through an affiliate link to that course! Commission Hero Google snippet
Ready to make $1000+ PER day?

$26 Million Dollar Case Study

Click here to view Robby's ebook that he claims is worth $97. Robby often claims that his students made $26 million over the past 12 months but according to the Clickbank letter on page 3 it was over 3 years. The $26 million was in gross sales but it only involved $11.8 million in commissions. When you subtract the Facebook ad fees that would involve even less profit.

From the front cover:

"How Ordinary People are Using the Simple 3 step method to make at least $26,000 extra per year at home. And How You Can To!" (mispelt)

"Learn Exactly How You Can Do This Too Right Now In 2021"

Strong claims from the ebook:

"It's simple, easy, and only takes 1-2 hours a day - we firmly believe anyone with an internet connection can achieve incredible success with it... in a very short amount of time"

"So now let's dive into this system to see how YOU can join the thousands of ordinary people earning $1,000 or more per day..."

"This is a system that will give you quick wins and help build the confidence and momentum to reach true financial freedom"

"#4 LOW RISK Because you're only working with proven, high converting offers, you practically can't lose."

"Lee's story is proof that ANYONE can succeed with this system under ANY circumstances."

"The fully automated upgrade we're about to apply to this system so you can earn your $1,000/day with only a few MINUTES of work (if that)"


"And in the meantime: dream big and remember that your business should support your LIFE, not the other way around."

The Fine Print

Though Robby didn't include any fine print in the ebook from the previous section, most of his webpages include this just in case you were under the impression that he was actually promising something...

"INCOME DISCLAIMER : This website and the items it distributes... may not produce the same results (or any results) for you. Commission Hero makes absolutely no guarantee, expressed or implied, that by following the advice or content available from this web site you will make any money or improve current profits"

Facebook ad account bans

This Commission Hero review points out the problem of ad account bans...

7:10 "...Robby's affiliate marketing methods will result in your Facebook ad accounts being shut down. It's not a question of if - it's a question of when. Robby himself says this several times throughout the course. Facebook will shut down your ad accounts when you use Robby's methods..."

8:47 "...Commission Hero definitely does offer some ways to try and sidestep Facebook's retaliation and their penalties... the problem with this is Facebook's ability to catch people who try to sidestep its penalties. Facebook's getting better at that... You know the algorithm is getting smarter. For example Robby's proposition to use someone else's ad account when yours is shut down won't always work. Facebook can still track you through your internet's IP address, through your device's IP address, your credit card, any strange behavior in general. Facebook is really really cracking down and it's getting harder all the time to sidestep their penalties so I fully believe that Robby's proposed solutions in this course are short-term / temporary at best...."

Robby's own bans

Robby is an expert in surviving ad account bans:

0:16 "getting your account shut down and getting banned ... is something that happens all the time... I've been through it literally thousands of times."

3:37 "there are times where I've literally had ... a message thread of like twenty to thirty appeals and then finally on that 30th appeal I get my account back"

Robby later revealed that he has access to a Facebook insider which would help explain how he has survived so many bans.

Current Refund Policy

The "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" currently says "...we have no refund policy", though it claims "with this system you WILL be successful".

Older Refund Policies

Before June 2021, "...If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can request a refund within the first 14 days after purchase as long as you did not access any of the training..."

In 2019 to get a refund you had to try the course for 365 days then within the next 7 days contact Robby. After day 372 no refunds are considered. You also had to "submit proof or screenshots that you went [through the] entire course and completed all unit videos in the Facebook group and the course, posted questions in the Facebook group, and set up a Facebook ad campaign".

Commission Hero Pro Refund Policy

On the other hand the $2497 Pro course currently seems to have a good refund policy. It is a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.


This site is dedicated to the countless course buyers who never recouped their $997 investment and were ineligible for a refund. For most buyers it seems Robby's suggestions of the money that could be made is "too good to be true". Though according to his fine print he makes no claims of any results. Perhaps his fine print makes any class action law suits impossible.


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